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Instant Vortex Plus Air Fryer (5.7 Litre)


The Instant Vortex Plus has been designed to incorporate all the most important features in an airfryer — super-fast cooking times, larger capacity, easy to clean and simple user-friendly controls — as well as Instant Pot’s famous smart program technology to deliver the best results every time.

The compact design takes up minimal countertop space and the intelligent touch screen and dial controls make it an absolute pleasure to use. Plus, the stainless steel finish adds a touch of style to any kitchen. The Instant Vortex Plus Airfryer replaces hot oil with super-heated circulating air to produce the same crunchy taste and texture that makes deep-fried food so good. It still traps juices inside the crispy coating, without the added grease: it’s quicker, cleaner, healthier, and a whole lot easier.


6-in-1 airfryer can airfry, roast, bake, reheat, grill and even dehydrate

Heats up incredibly fast, meaning you’re ready to cook in an instant

Features Instant Pot’s famous smart program technology

Extra-large 5.7L airfrying capacity in a compact, countertop friendly design

Single drawer design maximises cooking space — it can fit a 1.8kg chicken or a whole bag of frozen chips

Single basket with removable cooking tray ensures minimal mess and easy clean-up

Smart programs allow you to “set it and forget it,” freeing you to do other things while the Vortex Plus cooks your dinner safely and quickly

Enjoy a guilt-free crunch with the latest generation of EvenCrisp airfryer technology

Features a simple, user-friendly interface — touchscreen and dial controls provide instant control over all cooking settings

Locks in more flavour and nutrients without adding any oils or fats

Cooking tray separates fatty oils from your food for even healthier meals

Stylish stainless steel finish is fingerprint resistant, easy to clean and complements any kitchen

What is the difference between the Vortex Airfryer and the Vortex Plus? The Vortex 5.7L in black has 4-in-1 functionality — airfry, roast, bake, and reheat

The Vortex Plus 5.7L has 6-in-1 functionality — airfry, roast, bake, reheat, grill, and dehydrate

Specifications Capacity:

5.7L Power: 1700W

Weight: 5.65kg

Dimensions: 42.6cm L x 31.4cm W x 33cm H

Capacity: 5.7 Litres

Control Type: Digital, Dial Automatic Stirring

Paddle: No

Automatic Timer: Yes


This product comes with a 1 year warranty

What’s in the box?

Instant 5.7L airfryer with removable airfry basket

Removable cooking tray

Getting started guide

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