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Kenwood Prospero+ KHC29A0 Naked Pack


  • Compact, versatile stand mixer
  • Whether beating meringue or kneading a dense dough, the powerful motor will facilitate the toughest tasks of each of your recipes
  • With the variable speed control and the pulse function you have full control over your mix
  • The large bowl will allow you prepare food for 6 people or create the dough for 36 cupcakes at once
  • Comes equipped with 3 tools for the bowl; the whisk, dough hook and k-beater
  • The famous Kenwood planetary mixing action ensures all your ingredients are perfectly mixed together with no unstirred pockets

Included attachments are the

  • food processor,
  • 3 x Hooks ONLY


  •  Motor 1000 Watts
  • Bowl Size 4.3Lt
  •  3 x Bowl Hooks
  • Space Saving Design
  • Colour- Silver

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