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Nemox Gelato NXT 1 L’Automatica


It is the only fully automatic household Gelato Machine in the world!

  • Gelato NXT1 L’AUTOMATICA manages everything for you! Pour the ingredients and go. Your gelato will be ready to savour, just when you want!
  • A single touch allows to start the production of gelato, ice cream, frozen yoghurt , sorbet, granita.
  • The high tech storage software, keeps gelato at the ideal density and flavour, perfect to be served for up to 8 hours after the preparation, as if it had just done.
  • Preparation times and storage phases are set automatically by the software, according to the constant detection of the room temperature and density of the mixture.
  • No need of useless timers or complicate manual operations.
  • A truly FULLY AUTOMATIC process.
  • Comes with a large 1.7 l. (1.9 Qt.) capacity AISI 304 stainless steel removable bowl.

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